Wine List

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The Clubhouse - The Wine Spectator Award

The bouquet and body of a fine wine enhances the flavor and enjoyment of any meal, whether it’s beef, chicken, veal or fish.

At the Clubhouse, you’ll find a great selection to choose from, including an extensive red wine selection to enhance the primarily "Meateaters" menu. Our wine list regularly earns the Wine Spectator "Award of Excellence" beginning in 2004. Aditionally in 2005, we were named as one of "America’s Wine-Friendliest Restaurants" by the Wine Enthusiast magazine. The clubhouse ownership and staff are proud to bring you a list which enhances the enjoyment of fine dining and good friendships!

The Clubhouse The Wine Enthusiast Award

Mondays are particularly special for wine as we offer 1/3 off the regular price of any bottle on our celebrated list.