About Us

The Clubhouse - Jeffrey Bies

The Clubhouse, a Huntington Restaurant tradition, was founded in 1962 by John and Geraldine Bies, and is currently managed by their son, Jeffrey. The Clubhouse is family owned and operated. It offers impeccable food, personal service and cozy, candle-lit ambiance, making it one of Long Island’s premiere restaurant and dining experiences.

Whether you’re joining us for an intimate dinner or a larger gathering of up to 30 people, we want you and your party to be totally content. Chef Charlie, who has been with us since 1994, will help assure that.

The Clubhouse - Chef Charlie

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who has honed his craft at fine restaurants from Nantucket to Manhattan, he takes tremendous pride in each and every dish he expertly prepares. One of his signature creations is his own "Cowboy Marinade", a spicy, Gold Souza Tequilla and lime seasoning that we soak our T-Bones, Rib Eyes, New York strip steaks and Filet Mignon in before cooking. One scrumptious bite and you’ll be in heaven!